Friday, March 14, 2014

Things I am Loving

 This week......

I am loving a creative motivated teen......

She has the urge to create....create things from something else...repurpose even.....sounds familiar.....ahhh maybe she has been watching me after all!
Anyways firstly she turned a pair of footless tights from her drawer into a top........

 Then she set about to make a birthday gift for one of her good school friends.....

She is getting a bit of a reputation amongst her friends for coming up with unique and handmade gifts...they seem to really like what she comes up with too.....

So meticulously she cut out the stencil for an idea she had.....
 raided my fabric paint.......
 and created this tee with a slogan that means something to her friend......

 Not completely happy with only one project, she whipped up on my machine hair bows to adorn her friends hair....(she may have made a couple for herself while she was at it.....)

I am slightly impressed with her motivation, creative flair and the confidence to hand make gifts for her closest friends....

and her friends love their gifts too, I hear.. .yay beats heading to the commercial stores in search of perfect teenage gifts any day.

Joining in with Meghan ....while I am here I will link with Show and Tell too 

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  1. Your daughter is so very inspiring and very clever too:) It does look like she's been watching you Bron:) Have a wonderful Saturday. xxx

  2. With that level of confidence and talent the world is her oyster and you are to be congratulated! x

  3. I remember watching in awe as my daughter created for her friends and herself too. Now I watch my granddaughter and it makes my heart sing. Your daughter is blessed to have a Mom who encourages her!

  4. That's awesome to be so originally creative at such a young age - she will go far :-)

  5. That's great ... I love it when teenagers spend their time constructively.

  6. Very clever! I love that tshirt :)

  7. I am very impressed with her skills, she's such a generous girl spending her time creating for her friends, she's gorgeous. Must have got that from you Bron! Love what she's been making too. Now if she could just come up with a few ideas for 11 & 12 yr old boys and send them my way, I'd be very grateful! Have a lovely w/end xx

  8. Way to go Meghan! Great work!

  9. What an amazing yound lady she is! So thoughtful and kind and creative! Good genes eh? ;)

  10. She is adorable! She is a mini you! So creative... So giving... So thoughtful... xx


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