Saturday, March 22, 2014

Things I am Loving

 This week....

Lists made by the little guy.....My favourite things to do.....I especially love number 6..... 

It was written after a little driveway cricket was played between him and I....

We woke on Friday morning with the promise of some break our 106 or so day drought....the skies were dark , the clouds were spectacular.....

Then this was the sky by lunchtime.....and not a drop of rain seen this side of the city!!!

I sat in the quiet of the house and finished a gift I have been working on.....then straight to the post office it went.....hopefully the receiver will have a little smile when it arrives....

I love Fridays and the quiet of the house.....a day to try and do some pottering.....I indulged in some scrap booking...and of course lots of reminiscing...yay 2009 is documented!

There is always something in the garden that I seem to overlook....and then suddenly after what seems like such a short period of time.....there it is.....

Loving our new citrus/veggie patch that is almost complete and ready for winter may be Kale this year.

....and this is so worth a watch......if you watch it over in YouTube you cab get the transcript ...even without that I think you can get the gist.......


Joining in with Meghan


  1. What a lovely list from your youngest. We were lucky enough to get about half an hour of rain the other morning, it was so exciting! If only it lasted longer. Hopefully you get some out your way very shortly.

  2. Minecraft would be number 1 in our house too! And where is the rain!!??

  3. I love that playing with Mum beat playing with Dad ... you don't often see that ... not with boys! Good for you :0)

  4. We are experiencing a Drought here too... Not to happy about that one but what can we do. Not much snow this year and now spring is here and everything is blooming.
    I love the picture of you and Fraser Playing games! I miss that now that my children are grown.
    I've seen that video before! SO GREAT! I loved watching her belt it out...

  5. Oh those lovely quiet pottering moments! Tickety tick tick! Lovely things to love x

  6. Ooh I still haven't watched the clip of the nun singing but I plan to when I get a moment...I'm guessing it could rival the Holland's got Talent one that I love with wee Amira :-) Bummer that there was no rain yet again - hope it comes soon for you!!!


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