Sunday, March 9, 2014


 Eighteen years ago I became a mother for the first time

Eighteen years ago my man became a father for the first time

Eighteen years ago we became parents for the first time

For three years it was just the three of us

We cut our parenting teeth on our first born

Learnt many things at a fast pace

Things that helped us with the others

Our firstborn taught us how to be parents for the first time.......
A newborn

 1st Birthday

 2nd Birthday
 3rd Birthday
 4th Birthday
 5th Birthday
 6th Birthday
 7th Birthday

8th Birthday

Today we celebrate another birthday with out her...

Ten birthdays we have missed

Eighteen changed on that day

and we are the parents we are today, due mostly for the start she gave us.


  1. Such a bittersweet day … I'll be thinking of you.

  2. such a beautiful post. i have no words xx

  3. such a beautiful post. i have no words xx (mezz)

  4. OH that's a beautiful set of pictures. Love to you & D.

    Love the ever changing hair on you both too!

  5. Thinking of you Bron today. Those photos of you and your husband and Taylor are really beautiful thank you for sharing them with us. Take care. xxx

  6. with tears rolling down my cheeks, I wish your beautiful girl a happy 18th today. Sending hugs to your family today Bron. Although I've just met you, I can be certain that Taylor learnt what love felt like in her life with you. and that is priceless. Jane xxx

  7. What a treasure these pictures are. Any pictures bring such sweet memories to mind when looked at. I love all these pictures but especially the one of her in her red sweater... I LOVE that toothless grin. Hugs sweetheart xxxx

  8. Beautiful and looking at those photos of you, being a mama suits you, you can see the joy in your face and I'm sure she saw that many times too xxxx

  9. Beautiful bittersweet post - thinking of you and big big hugs xx

  10. She was gorgeous Bron! Love that you're sharing these photos of you three, they're just beautiful. Am just catching up on your blog and am sending you all so much love. take care and happy birthday to your beautiful girl xxx

  11. Oh Bron, I'm a bit late to this one, but it's such a lovely post I had to write a comment to say so.

  12. Sending big hugs, Bron. Happy eighteen to your sweet angel. They are such precious pictures and memories. Lovely to see in a later post that you all managed to get away for the day as a family to remember and be together. Your strength is an inspiration to me. Belinda xx


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