Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* The braveness to hand make birthday gifts for friends

* A boy in his onsie off to have fun with friends

* A car full of 9 year old boys, singing at the top of their voices to the radio

* The fun you can have jumping for an hour.

* The easiest ice cream birthday cake ever

* Lunch with good friends

* The excitement of receiving birthday gifts

* Cooler mornings

* A tiny hand picked wild flower given to me by a shy 2 year old

* Baby cuddles

* BBQ t-bone steaks

* New unique items to add to my wardrobe that were found on the specials rack

* Lists made by the little guy of his favourite things

* Sweet compliments

* Dark mornings that make everyone sleep in longer

* Driveway cricket in the late afternoon

* Finishing The Book Thief

* A text from the husband saying all was OK.

* Delicious spaghetti bolognaise not made by me

* A garden full of noisy frogs

#404 Work mates that can offer lifts

My other lists are here


  1. These sound great … well except for the nine year old boys singing at the top of their voices.
    In my experience nine year old boy top of voices is extremely loud … so you can keep that one ;0)

  2. It's such a good practise isn't it? Focussing on the little things can change your whole day!

  3. a lovely list. Have a weekend full of little lovely moments like these.

  4. nice list as usual.

    Love the dark mornings too! (but why am I up at 6.30 on a saturday???).

    Glad F enjoyed his birthday so much!


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