Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Intresting on Pintrest

 I am sure you all "do" pintrest well......so here are a few fun things that have shown up on my pintrest this week......
{click on the image to head to the source}   go and check them out for yourself....


Chelsie Belles designer    Girl that has it all blue jeans.  recycled  lace ruffle grommet embellished jeans any size

Found anything interesting on Pintrest you want to share??


  1. That crochet in the jeans looks pretty:) You know I'm actually not on pinterest. I look on there though often I think if I go on there I might spend too much time there and I'm not always very strict with myself when it comes to internet usage;) xxx

  2. Oh that jacket, that is nice!

  3. Those crochet jeans patched! gorgeous


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