Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Snippets

* Some gardening unearthed what could belong to a "minimoy."..or maybe a long lost and long ago played with Barbie shoe.

* The rains came.....

*...and stayed around for the weekend.

* A family afternoon tea to celebrate the March to protract a 9 year old birthday

* I was in charge of the birthday cake.....will share in another post

Everyone else pitched in with the goodies for the afternoon tea.

* Luckily the rain eased long enough to sit in the garden for the festivities...helpful when you have 11 kids running wild.

* At long last the first true signs that the lime tree may be useful after all.

We are so glad to have had the it is dark, still and quiet...well here in this house anyways.....enjoy your week to come.

Joining in with Em @ The Beetle Shack


  1. I do love birthday celebrations, yummy looking cakes and helping hands making afternoon tea light work:) We had a lovely bit of rain this weekend too and everything looks so much happier now. Have a great Monday night. xxx

  2. Love these photos x esp the first 3

  3. Ooh, did you try the "magic" recipe? I look forward to hearing more :)

  4. I wish for rain ! The garden AND the tank need it ! LOVE that lil shoe .. . ..

  5. It looks so peaceful.... yay for birthdays and berries! Have a great week xx

  6. I have that very same red and white table cloth - I love it! Great photos, it looks like you've had a lovely few days.

  7. I really miss my citrus trees from California now that I live in Nevada... I am not sure that I can grow one here but I may try this summer

  8. ahhh .. A gift of Lego! Winner!


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