Friday, December 14, 2012

Things I am loving...

Things I am Loving this week......

 Having way too much fun with "Bozzle" our elf...found last night tucked up in bed under the tree....

A day spent with my newly 1 year old nephew... he even enjoyed our time crafting....

Preparations coming together for an event  I am co-ordinating on Sunday ...

Teachers gifts sorted....

Classroom party food done and finished with......

Now just to remember to keep the "Joy factor" in the week ahead with so much still to do....

Have a lovely weekend and check out other lovelies here 



  1. Love your sleeping elf, and the look of those treats - yum!

  2. Bron, you've been very creative! The elf looks like it's be lots if fun. Might have to join in the craze next year!

  3. Even elves get tired! Lots of hard work going on!

    Looking good for the rest! Have a good day Sunday with your event!

  4. I love the elf lol... I have seen a few of my friends with their elf's also doing fun things

  5. thanks for saying hi at my glad you did and i could follow you back to yours!! what a joy your blog is, i shall definitely be visiting again!!! all your christmassy pics are making me feel very nostalgic!

    Mezz xx

  6. Thanks for popping over and saying hi on my glad you did so i could follow you back to yours. your christmassy pics are making me very nostalgic, what a joy your blog is!!

    Mezz xx

  7. The food looks yummy, the gifts look so organised, and the elves in the box is so sweet. Have yourself a great week and hopefully you come out the other end feeling not so frazzled for Xmas!

  8. Oh Bozzle is so cute - we are having so much fun with ours. Yes I know what you mean about 'keeping the joy' - I'm reminding myself daily at the moment!


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