Friday, December 28, 2012

Things I am Loving...

This week I am loving.....

*Christmas of lucky to have been able to  celebrate Christmas with all my family spread over two days of fun.....

* The last couple of days with our elf...although I was a little relived that he has now gone until next year...the creativity needed at night was getting to me!!!

* As much as I loved the Christmas celebrations I have enjoyed packing away all the "Christmas stuff" today...reclaiming back the space.

*I love being able to turn last year's Christmas cards into next year's gift tags

*Turning our attention to our outside entertaining area now the weather is super charged and the nights are so lovely.

*Loving that my hubbie has been super creative and busy with the new wok and frypan we received for presents.....yummy dinners on our table.

*Love this time of the year to indulge in a lot of reading time....finished book number 23 for the year.

Hope you are loving the days that lie between Christmas and New Year...they have their own special feel about them.

Joining in with  others here.



  1. Lovely pictures!
    Isn't it nice to start putting the Christmas stuff away! lol Kind of a weight off!
    Look forward to seeing Elf again next year!
    Food looks good! Well done D!
    The lights under your outdoor roof looks so pretty!

  2. What a great idea turning your cards into gift tags..must remember that one! And I so enjoyed Havjng our elf but as he was late I only had to think of 10 days fun which was much easier. It's been so lovely to have you contribute each week to Things I'm Loving :-) hope you have a very Happy New Year and look forward to more great Loving next year xx


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