Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Checking off the list....

Teachers gift done  CHECK
School finished for the kids  CHECK
Annual dinner with friends CHECK
A neighbourhood walk to visit the Christmas lights  CHECK
Mischievous elf antics up to date     CHECK

Christmas cards written 
Christmas Cards posted 
Handmade presents for the littliest members of the family 
Presents all wrapped
Grocery shopping sorted
An understanding of my food contribution for Christmas and Boxing days
House cleaned and sorted
Oh it appears i have more on the "undone list "than the "done list"

How many days do I have left again??????? 


  1. All the best with prioritising the remainder of your eternal list!

  2. oh you will get most if not all of it done from the undone list! But who cares. Sounds like the important stuff is done! If the loo doesn't get cleaned who cares! If the shelf isn't dusted who cares! lol
    Get elf to do that at night instead of getting up to mischief! lol

  3. You're doing good Bron - remember we do our best work under pressure!

  4. Sounds to me like you are doing great! While you have a list or two... I am having trouble finding mine lol just kidding but it is getting so close... just right around the corner.


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