Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's nearly here...

Unlike our elf....we will be having more than jelly for Christmas lunch.....the weather is forcasted for 39 degrees and that is hot.
So no hot lunch  for us in this household.
The seafood has been purchased and the hams and chickens will be too....
Salads galore with plenty of cool drinks on the side.

The pavlova will be made along with a plethora of sweet treats...

Bon Bons with jokes and silly paper hats too.

Glad we have some organised ones in the family who have given the instructions as what to bring....

It's nearly here and that we couldn't be more pleased about...

Another gift finished today and wrapped under the tree...
just two wee ones left and then we beginning all the unwrapping.....

Hope you are all sorted for the big day? 


  1. it's looking like a tie-rose! Cute. Elf will dehydrate in that heat. He won't be used to that so you had better watch him as it gets hotter!

  2. Lovely knowing someone special in your life is receiving some REcreated Love for Christmas - lucky girl.

    Only some last minute supplies to grab today and I'll have another go at making Shortbread - turns out you shouldn't use pizza trays to cook the stuff on.

  3. Oh my I hope that it doesn't get that hot but it is typical of Christmas in Australia. Your lunch sounds a lot like ours, contributions from all of us makes for an easy day just the way Christmas should be. Wishing you a very merry day, may it be filled with lots of fun and laughter. xx

  4. oooh I hope I get a tie Rose on my Pressie! Love little sister

  5. Hey Bron, sounds like you're all organised.....hope it's a wonderful day for you all.
    We'll be about ten degrees cooler, but today and tomorrow are scorchers.
    A relaxed day for us and I have to work Christmas evening but that's fine.
    Enjoy your week off and I hope you get a break from the heat........

    Claire x

  6. wow, that is very hot!! Hope you have a lovely lovely Christmas!

  7. I can't say I am looking forward to the expected heat, especially since we had agreed on a traditional roast lunch this year.
    Wishing you all a blessed Christmas Bron.


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