Monday, December 10, 2012


Headed into the city today armed with the Christmas "wish Lists"........
 It was a hot one and I was a little envious of these fun folk who frolicked in the square.....

Fraser and I finished off his class gifts for him to take into school today...

I found the fun little printable here

The left over noses were snaffled during the night in a little movie watching.....

Hope your Monday was a good one and you ticked some things off yours or someone else's Christmas wish list.


  1. Lovely Bron, lots of Christmas goodness going on. I have seen some fabulous little ideas for class gifts around the cyberworld. The maltesers as reindeer noses and one jaffa for rudolph looked really cute. I'd love if you could send some of that heat over to us... it's actually quite cold here the last few days. Enjoy your week xo

  2. I love the "lego and more lego" on the list! Hope you got a lot accomplished.
    I love the reindeer noses, too - pinned them last year but will wait until my boys are a bit older, I think. And until I get over my current "jaffas are the best thing EVER" phase, which would see me eating them all, instead of your elf x

  3. Bron, your shopping list looks so normal. I am stretched for ideas for my men..aged 24, 26 and 28 whose idea of presents are expensive or generally unavailable and can buy their own socks and undies! I'm flummoxed!

  4. That is one long list, hope you made lots of progress with it, love the class gift idea and that Christmas Elf is adorable :)

  5. Lovely lists! Now I am curious as to what off the lists you actually got! lol
    Lovely Elf watching his own movie!


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