Friday, December 7, 2012

Things I am loving...

This week's loves......

* It's been a week of Christmas parties, face painting ,food and working around our extreme weather swings......

*My candle making adventures and some lovely gifts made......

*Seeing our little guy receive an award at the school assembly today........."for becoming a valued literacy team leader and trying harder to work productively without being distracted".

*The cheeky adventures that our "elf" has bought to our house this week.

I am not loving that today was my last REinventing class until at least May 2013....sigh!

I do however have a giveaway to announce.........


Naturally Carol.......yay drop me a line with mailing details and they are yours.....   

Lots of other lovely people over here.   


  1. Super Mum there's an uncanny serendipitous literacy thing orbiting us at the moment and I'm not even going to mention the whole dance connection - I miss Fridays already and will be calling in [unannounced] to say hi occasionally.

    We've still got Saturday! x

  2. Such lovely things to be loving! The elf is such a mischievous little guy!

  3. Oh so fun seeing everyone getting into the Christmas spirit. So many people having fun with their elves too its fun to see what they're all getting up to!

  4. oh that's a funny elf! Love it.
    Love the rest too! Especially the first pic!

  5. Thank you so much Bron, those nine little pink doilies will be very usefully employed. They will make fabulous embellishments on bags etc i think!


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