Friday, December 21, 2012

Things I am loving - Chritmas edition.

This week I am loving......

Finally a slow day at home...nowhere to go in a hurry...chance to clean those floors and hang the washing....

Time to make some gingerbread men with the kids...using this recipe 

Then time to drop off a couple to the neighbours....

Had the pleasure and joy of being able to drop off some Christmas food hampers to some families in our community .....

Time to even sit and watch a whole movie with the family tonight...

I love that it is Friday and we are all home now together for at least a week.....

Some Christmas eve practice is already happening in the house...  

Joining in with other lovelies here.



  1. It sounds like you've had the perfect week!

  2. What a small chimeny! Santa has no hope?
    Love the gingerbread men! We have those on the agenda for the weekend!
    Lovely hampers. I am sure they brought much joy to the recipient!

  3. Hi pleased that you're able to slow down a bit now and get to all the fun bits and pieces of Christmas!

  4. Oh I bet you relished that day at home Bron. Hope you get more opportunities for home days during the summer break.
    I love how mischievious your little elf is :)

  5. Those days at home just taking it easy with the kids are perfect for this time of the year.... I do miss those special times now my children are older,Warm wishes for a Happy and Safe Christmas for you and your family.X

  6. I always find it amusing how much pleasure I derive from cleaning the floors and hanging load after load of washing on the line. The simple things for sure!
    Looks like a lovely time at your place Bron and Oh how I love gingerbread, on my list of 'to do's' for the weekend. Happy Christmas to you and yours xoxo

  7. Lovely that you have been able to start winding down and also showing some Christmas spirit to those around you. Hope you have a blessed time together xx


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