Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mischievous Visitor......

 I knew you would be all waiting to see how our visitor's first night with us went......

Hmm he managed to find the dustiest,dirtiest part of the house......

and raided the treat basket on the way up .......
 Oh dear I can see we are in for some serious fun and games while we have him stay.....
and the plan was he was supposed to be keeping an eye on the kids!!!! (well one in particular)

Kat's question of the day :

How are you going to celebrate your self this festive season? 

I think allowing myself to find some time to be creative just for fun .....also I think I need to take some time to reflect on achievements this year had brought,both at home and work.....I know that it is not in my own strength that I have been able to do them,  but my faith and trust in God , believing that he has blessed me to be able to use the gifts he has given me. x


  1. I do love your mischievous elf there. I think I need him to come and visit and keep an eye on one of my girls:) xx

  2. Oh how cute is that! He looks bigger than I expected! Might have to consider one of these for next year!

  3. What a cheeky chap! I think you're in trouble..I wonder what he gets up to when you're all asleep at night?


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