Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Less Stuff

Have you started or maybe even finished your Christmas shopping?

I know silly question really seeing as we only have 20 days to go...

I have only just dabbled....time just hasn't been on my side ...but there is another reason I am slow off the mark...

I struggle with the whole "stuff" thing......I love to give....I even love to receive...

Just how much is enough?

What is it we really need....or anyone need ...does my house  have the space to hold anymore?
Do my kids have the ability to appreciate any more belongings?

I am no grinch...but I don't need a lot...a light for my kindle?? Not very exciting according to my husband....I struggle...and to make it worse I have a birthday 1 week later.....I don't have a Christmas list, like most of you, I suspect.
I struggle to make decisions on making purchases that will enhance our lives as opposed to just filling it with more stuff......

I found this today here and it so resonated with me.....


The Garage from Rob Macdonald on Vimeo.

So while I ponder my Christmas buying...I must get on and finish some gifts using up my stash of fabric...makes me feel better that I am reducing my footprint!

Oh and before I forget.......

 Looks like our Elf friend met his match with the resident lego guys and army men........

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  1. hahahaha.... love the elf! Good one!
    & yes, it's hard to not just buy stuff for the sake of buying. I don't have a list. I don't get anything as budget doesn't really allow so we stick with the boys. Sorted that stuff out last night & it looks like we are done! yay! Very happy!
    Need to make some other things for people though.
    Hope you find something that gives you the balance you need for your family members!

  2. I'm so inspired to declutter at the moment, I think it will need to be an ongoing project for next year too. :)

  3. I'm finished my Christmas shopping. We tried to keep it simple this year. However it was the first year in 3 that I haven't made all our presents. I just didn't have it in me this year.

    But I too have been contemplating "stuff". I don't like the expectations to buy a ton of unneeded stuff for people at Christmas. I actually LOVE giving presents, but the expectations of buying presents sucks the fun out of giving for me.

    I was shocked to hear this week from someone that they usually spend between $500-700 per child and the same at birthdays. One of the children wasn't even 1 years old yet.
    Sheesh, keep it simple & focus on the reason for the season was my suggestion...

  4. Yes... there really is only so much stuff you can have.
    All the stuff at this time of year can send me a bit bah-humbug.

  5. Great video Bron and yes resonates with me too. I was talking about all this just a couple of days ago. Really for most of us there IS nothing we need, just what we THINK we want! But at the same time I think it's definitely nice to make time for a little frivolous indulgence from time to time, as long as there is a good balance in our lives. Ooh a wee bit deep, yes? :))
    Did Elf escape? Hope so!! :D ♥

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE your elf!
    Mwahahahaha I so need to do this one!
    Isn't it just so much fun
    If your on FB be sure to check out Buddy The Elf link I have on my blog


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