Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Half way through the week
Nearly half way through the month..
Almost at the end of the year....

Did you do something to mark the date?
I had intended to but ....just didn't...

We have had torrential rains and spectacular thunderstorms over the last 24 hours....

So much rain...but strangely not all that much wind....

So glad tonight though despite the weather  we haven't lost power.
That means that I can keep working away on all those very last minute ideas I have rumbling around in my head.....

Not that a loss of power would worry our visitor.....
He seems to have had his head in the bag all night!! 


  1. OH I can't blame the Elf! They are delicious those!

    No didn't mark the 3x12... unless a crazy day was what we marked it as! Ok, then yes! lol

  2. Hey Bron I hope some of that rain is heading our way, we could do with a nice drop.......don't mind a good storm long as there's no damage!!
    Hope your wee visitor shared!!

    Claire x

  3. Your little visitor sure gets himself into some mischief :)
    Can't say I did much to recognise the occasion that was yesterday, much of my days lately just blend into the next.

  4. Strange how you hot the torrential rain and we didn't.
    Yes, we marked the occasion yesterday. Ashlee cam running in at 12.12 on the 12.12.12 and shouted that it was 12.12 so we all did a spontaneous dance until 12.13 :D was fun

  5. I didn't do anything except at 12:12pm I txt my friends "Happy 12:12, 12/12/12" lol it was fun to do

  6. how funny!
    I have a mental image of your house in darkness, you huddled at your machine madly working away, lighting flashing, thunder crashing outside - the elf edging towards the chocolate!


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