Monday, January 30, 2012


Nature - Photo a Day

Just a snapshot of our garden......
I'll tell you the story of our "Fairy Garden" one day..... 

The Good thing:Making the most of this sunshine we've had and combining it with the little "super ingredient"..that is Bicarb Soda and giving my shower curtain a much needed clean.....

The Good Thing for: Our Bathroom and  my domestic goddess status.!!!  

The Good Thing: Today was about gathering the school supplies, applying names to every book , pencil and marker ready for school return on Wednesday.
The Good Thing for: My kids

1 comment:

  1. Snap, I have that book...issued it from the library last week.
    I haven't even thought about school yet..our two don't start until the 10th so I'll worry about it when we get back from Brisbane.
    Your garden is looking lovely :)


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