Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Something I Bought

Something I bought  - Photo a Day

While out and about last week I managed to sneak into a Salvos store while the hubbie was in another shop....
What I bought was 5 large Vintage Fabric and lace Napkins.....

I have since had a play around with one and created this purse/pouch.
I  so enjoyed the process....this is my kind of sewing...slow ,individual and bringing something into a new life.......not much of a mass production girl or very fast and economical with my time but it does give me pleasure to do it my way.

never going to make my millions but if you are interested I have finally updated my little shop space.....
not a lot there,but just a place to put the few things I love to create.....
Sorry for the advert :-)


  1. Ooh, that pouch is super cute Bron and I do love that you do unique pieces :)

  2. Don't apologise for the ad Bron, the things you make are gorgeous.

  3. so individual and lovely - I love your shop too, especially that apron on the top xx

  4. Nothing beats a fabulous find Op Shopping! Last week I came home with the most magnificent large doily which is taking pride of place on my 1930's Oak Table (belonged to my Nana) .. Also the most gorgeous windsor fine china cup, she lured her way out of the glass cabinet there and into my hot hands (complete with saucer and plate!).

  5. love what you've done there it looks so cute.


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