Friday, January 6, 2012

Makes me Smile

Makes me smile - Photo a Day

Our little guy is quite the drawer,,,,,and to keep him entertained in places of needing patience

ie coffee shops, restaurants, night church

I always have a notebook on hand for him to draw in......time to change to a fresh  notebook a for  a New Year ...I am going to date this and archive it for posterity sake! 

The Good Thing: We gave away our old TV that was in perfect working order today . We advertised it free on Gumtree and a very nice young man setting up a flat was very grateful for it.
The Good thing for: A nice young man setting up his first place with free stuff gathered from Gumtree.   The environment!


  1. What a great keep sake of your child's art you will have!
    Great idea too :)

  2. I love your idea of "Good Things" - really really lovely. A great reminder to keep in the front of one's mind. I love love love the drawings your little boy has done! Archiving them is a super idea, you could also frame them!

    Love your blog! I will surely be back!


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