Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A year of good things....

Some things just jump out at me as being a great idea or plan , other things I just look at as being too hard or not have enough time to do.....

I just loved the concept of "doing good" suggested by Pip Lincoln.
But hey shouldn't we be always trying to do good?

Hmmm like all good intentions unless done with intentionality very little happens.
I think it is goodness and doing good for others and sometimes ourselves that  make the world a much nicer, peaceful and happier place.

 Good thing:  Relieving my sister of one of her boys when she has four already and took three more home after church on Sunday!
This Good Thing is for:  My Sister and my little guy who got a playmate!
Good Thing :Cleaning out my little guys bedroom and saving him from the "darkside" under his bed....oh all the Lego he has been reunited with.
This Good thing is for: My little guy....and my sanity!

Good thing: Bags of preloved things needing to go to the Salvo's after the above mentioned clean out.
This Good thing is for: The Salvos

Good Thing:A rescued table that just needed to come home with me after the visit  to the Salvo Store.....it was only $5 and it had my name on it!
This Good thing is for:  The good of the table and making more floor space at the Salvos for more of their stock.

Can't promise I will make the full 366 (this year being a leap year)

What a great thing to strive for.....

Being a Do-Gooder!

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  1. Hey Bron, love Pip's 'doing good' idea and your list so far.......

    I'm not joining in officially but will do 'my bit' in my own way.

    It doesn't take much effort or forethought to do something good for someone else and you get back tenfold what you give.

    Claire :}


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