Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something I have made

Something I have made  - Photo a Day

I haven't made this today  but was looking at it sitting in my sewing room....
This was my very first quilt with real patchwork that I made before I even had children.
There was an older lady in my church at the time that over a number of weeks talked me through to the finish.
I then was into cross stitch big time and so made a matching wall hanging .
It became Taylor's cot set and then Meg used it.....
I am hoping one day they will belong to my Grand daughter.....hmm long way of for that I hope.

The Good Thing: Today I headed off to work and the kids went to my dad and step mum's place.Usually I like to send them with something to share for morning tea or lunch.  I failed today the cupboards were fairly bare and the heat is no incentive to I gathered the ingredients and the recipe for 
White Rocky Road and sent it with them to make while there.....cheeky ? maybe!

The Good thing for: My kids and my DAD!

*******Just a little note for us to remember how hot ,hot really was. Today was 41.6 C


  1. What a beautiful set and an ambitious quilt design to begin with!
    And eek, that is way too hot! Stay cool. xx

  2. Not cheeky at all Bron, just think of it as having given them something to keep them entertained :)
    Love the quilt and cross stitch and lovely to know that they will be passed down through the generations :)


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