Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Letterbox - Photo of the Day

This weekend (7th) will mark our 13th year in this home......I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with our second child.....her only home and also the same for our little guy.

I love that we call this home...
does it need things always doing to it...Yes
Is it magazine perfect...No
Is it just 200mtres from both primary  and high school...yes
Do we love it and call it home....yes

I think you will find us here for many years to come......I hope anyway.
The door is always open for a cuppa.

The Good Thing : I was sent this book from a lovely "bloggy" friend Mandy....I loved it I am sending it on to another lovely "bloggy" friend.
The Good thing is for: Myself and now another friend to hopefully enjoy. ( My first read for 2012)

The Good Thing: My night spent with my sisters....I was able to share my knowledge and help one of them create a passport pouch...
The good thing for: My sister learning anew skill of putting a zip in.

Sister number two's project...a gorgeous fabric basket....
and my project....a peek-a-boo sack for the little guys "Zoobs"
using this tutorial.


  1. I love that your children will likely grow up in their childhood home...both my grandparents were in their houses for what seems like ever and each house held so many wonderful memories, not many seem to stay in one place for long these days.

    Love your craftiness :)



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