Monday, January 23, 2012

Something old and doing good

Something Old - Photo a Day
I have this shirt that was handmade by my mum in her late teens I am guessing.....

My mum went to school in a country town that had a large agricultural school being a farming area.
This shirt makes me smile having only rediscovered it recently....
It is hand embroidered with  a lot of boys names!!!
Wonder where all those boys are now?

Her stitching is immaculate and done as if hand written with ink....
What fascinates me so much more is that I have only just realised since unearthing it recently that they all appear to be Christian names apart from one

Basset   !!!! 
Bassett is the family I married into nearly fifty years later.....
Oh I wish she was around to ask her the tale of this shirt.

(It is currently soaking to hopefully remove the age spots it has acquired.)

and my good things for the day........

The Good Thing: I headed back to the gym this morning after feeling like my back  had recovered...and my 100 workout shirt was waiting for me !
The Good Thing For: Me and my body heading back to the gym.

The Good Thing:  I returned our sleepover pal this afternoon and agreed to stay for a cuppa so the kids could grab a quick is soooooo hot here!
The Good Thing For: My kids being able to cool off....and me having a cuppa with a friend. 

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