Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sleep overs

Do you do sleep overs in your house?
We don't do them very often here.....
Friends over to hang out but not many sleep overs......
Tonight though a sleep over is in progress.......
I am thinking this is a good thing for the girl....hopefully I will think so in the morning.

The Good Thing:  The occasion of a sleep over.
The Good thing for: The nearly teenager in the house.


  1. SNAP! We're having a sleepover too! Ours are zonked after beach fun and game after game of bocce! Hopefully you and I will be singing happy tunes come morning xxx

  2. gosh, we have had sooooo many sleep overs I have had to put my foot down and say no more these hols. We seem to be the go to house, and we always have a truck load of boys here....but poor old Martha seems to miss out : ( must do something about that.


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