Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where I sleep

Where I  Sleep -  Photo a Day

Sorry to disappoint......I know many of you have really lovely bedroom photos....
we are in total holiday mode and that combined with the "back issue" my bed was not made!
So just a peek into our room is all that you get. 

The Good Thing : Driving onto the office for an hour today I spotted a lady from church headed to the train station on foot in the heat of the day......a quick U Turn and I was able to offer her a lift and saved her the trek in the sun.
The Good Thing for:  A young lady in need of a lift.


  1. Oh you are a tease .... lol nothing wrong with a little holiday mode xox

  2. Oh I bet the young lady in question was very thankful for your thoughtfulness Bron....great timing!!

    Claire :}


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