Monday, January 2, 2012


Breakfast -    Photo of the Day

I am definitely a breakfast girl......I don't leave the house without having it.

I am a cereal , juice and toast kinda girl.....
I don't know how people skip breakky ...I am not one of those kind.

I have decided for this month of January to read through the Book of Proverbs over my breakfast.
It's full of some great wisdom for life and what a great way to begin each day.

I have also began the year with some custom sewing....
some play capes with personalised initials......
 and some small gifts for pressies.....
   I am liking the start of 2012!


  1. I love your applique/embroidery.
    And re your earlier post all about you, I see we've got a few things in common...lack of technical skills just one of them! Ha!


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