Monday, February 22, 2016

Excuse me Miss.....

Today I packed up my lunch box and headed out the door right before my kids.....

for my first day back in the classroom a very long time.

I found the office, got my directions and was shown to my class for the day.

Any worries I may have had about whether I still could do it...dissipated as soon as I stood before a room full of Year 3's who were looking at me with anticipation of what lie ahead for the day.

Once a teacher always a teacher I have been told by my husband many times...usually when I use a certain tone in my voice!

Well it was just like getting back on the bike....I remembered how to do it.....and really enjoyed it.

I am excited by exploring this new little journey, who knows what each day or every other day.....or maybe just a day here and there will bring....

Woohoo for my parents insisting that I get that piece of paper at university all those years really has come in handy right over the years...and even if it is a bit dusty it is still valid and worth brushing up on.

Big week as my man packs his lunch box too in a days time for his next adventure.....

Tomorrow is hang out day!


  1. It was lovely to see you again and be part of your first day back in the classroom. Mia certainly came home happy singing a made up song to herself..."I am content"!! You certainly looked right at home! :) Jen xx

  2. ha ha love that I just read this now, I've been sitting protesting about doing all the paperwork -AGAIN!- to sort out my teaching stuff... maybe I will x

  3. Yay Bron! Love that you're doing this, welcome to my world! Hope you have lots of great days with some lucky little people xx

  4. oh! this is exciting! wishing you a wonderful week! <3

  5. Oh that's awesome! Well done to you! Love the card. Hope D's day was too too!

  6. How wonderful to hear you have settled in well! As if it was going to be any other way ... ;) xxx

  7. Lots of exciting happenings... xx


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