Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The "next"

It's not just the cool breeze blowing through the house tonight that makes things feel different...

Have you ever been in a place where you are longing to find out what the "next" is but also know that with that "next" will come change?

We knew this year was going to be different for us....that it would bring change (or more change). We have spent many hours over coffee dates in discussion as to what we wanted that change to look like....or trying to prepare ourselves for what it may feel like.

All the time  really enjoying the place that we have found ourselves in. (Yay for the slow days, coffee shop exploring and lack of places to be)

It feels like now we are on the edge of the next wave of change.....I know it is what we have been preparing for ...but I can't help already feeling the loss of all the perks of life for the last 7 months. 

We have been blessed to have had the time to de-stress, untangle ourselves from those things that had us in knots and to now be ready for the next part of this journey of life.

So as I sit tonight with the blinds billowing with the cool breeze....I am excited that the "next" will bring with it newness, provisions and opportunities....


  1. best of luck & prayers for the new things coming your way!

  2. Thinking of you all this week! <3

  3. may your 'next'be more than you can even imagine it to be! <3

  4. looking forward to hearing more of the next!

  5. Beautifully written you pulled me into your contemplation's... Three years ago I was in a similar situation when we moved to a different state... It was exciting thinking of being close to family... It was scary because I would be hours away from my son and all my friends.... It was worrisome thinking about meeting all my new co-workers hoping to fit in as well as I did in my last place... And could I make new friends to hang with... I feel the significant change in our lives has and still is re-defining who we are. It's kind of funny that some days I feel like a big green marble in a bowl of small orange ones. Then other days I can't even find my marble lol. Life... It's kind of funny some times xxxxxxxxx


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