Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ever Wondered??

Have you ever spent any time thinking about what people would say about you when you are gone?

I know a strange question for me to ask......It's just that my sister gave me a box this afternoon. It contained cards and letters all associated with my mum, at the time she was unwell and then passed away.

This was almost 18 years ago and this box has been tucked away with no one knowing what to do with it.
So apparently although being the eldest of three girls I lie somewhere in the middle  on the sentimental scale.
One of my sisters couldn't part with it...the other had little sentiments around keeping it all.

So I took it and spent time looking through all the cards and letters. What I enjoyed the most was reading all the thoughts and words that described my mum. The words came from friends, family and those who she impacted through her work place. They described her as gentle, caring, godly and someone who left all who knew her feeling like they mattered.

That was my mum and more.....and I am sure she knew how people felt. 
As I read through the box it made me think about how I want people to remember me....Am I moving through this life leaving an impact on those who I meet. Am I being generous with my time and abilities to better my community? Do I leave people feeling like they matter and are valued?

Some things to ponder ....and yes I did get rid of most of the contents...not something my mum was very good at but I know she would understand and I would hope that long after I was gone, I remained in peoples hearts and minds rather than in a dusty old box of papers.


  1. Oh they are very good questions... thought provoking...
    Good job putting it out. It's a tricky one that, to keep or not. But it has no value to others & will the next generation be as sentimental? Not likely... good work. & you read them all first to give you some fresh thought to think on for quite some time.

  2. Well... Yes I have thought of that... I have mixed feelings when I contemplate those thoughts... I try to live each day making sure that the ones I love know it! And some days when I am hiding in my small comfy space I wonder have I done enough... I can only hope the little things that I do helps at least one person in my life time feel like they have someone in their lives that matters and loves them... Sooooo I keep on doing my best and hope it is enough. I just may pull out Mandy's cards and read them again for the first time instead of just the signature of who sent it... who knows, it may be cathartic experiance for me... Thank you for sharing this post xxxx

  3. I think about that often too, Bron - I hope I leave a good legacy. Hard to believe it's been that long. Love to all the Bassetts. (Got your blog address from M) Lots of love xxx


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