Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Four days of around 40 C may have been enough for me to put on my bathers and head to the beach with my guys early this evening.

A slightly cooler change expected tomorrow...finally

The house is open tonight in hopes that a cool fresh breeze might move through...still waiting.


  1. I've been loving our winter here and not looking forward to the hot days of summer :-( But I do love to visit the lake... xx

  2. Went to the beach for a dip on Tuesday after work and it was BLISS!
    (drove all the way to Blue Bay Halls Head to find a quiet beach though - a big trek from Bassendean!)

  3. Nothing like a beach trip to cool down!

  4. don't know how you are coping!!!

  5. it sounds hot! hope it cools down soon!


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