Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Not rocket science...

Luckily both our kids like fruit.....but I have struggled a little getting Fraser to eat it while at school. He does have a "crunch and sip" time but his 1 piece of fruit would bounce back home in the lunch box each day.

He would then eat it right before bedtime...

So in an effort to create some more interesting lunchboxes and get the piece of fruit eaten during the day, I had a light bulb moment.

Take two pieces of fruit (most days it is 2 pieces of fruit and 1 vegetable). 
Cut into random bite size pieces. 
Place in a zip lock bag......or fancy little bento container.
Add to the lunch box.

......and just like that 2 pieces of fruit and 1 vegetable eaten a day. ( and still the piece of fruit before bed eaten too!!)

The psychology of cutting up bite size easy to eat pieces of food.

We are trying the more "bento" way of packing our lunchboxes...we just haven't quite managed to get the true lunch containers yet but none the less our lunch boxes are looking way more exciting this year.

Here is a great local to us company selling all things "Bento" if you are interested.


  1. I always thought fruit looked more appetizing cut up! It's always a good day when you figure out a way to get the family to eat something good for them!

  2. It's hard work for them to get through it whole isn't it! I've been cutting up cucumber slices as well. We have an influx & the boys polish it off easily.
    I have got Sistema boxes at Woolies. Coles didn't have them. Will have to shoot you a pic...

  3. I love lunch box containers they are so great! I have a few myself. Mmmmm That fruit is making me hungry lol


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