Thursday, February 4, 2016

Enterprising buisness

So we are nearly at the end of the first week of school for the year.

We have enjoyed the fresh routines and are trying a few different ones to last of them is preparing lunch boxes the night before so that we have a better perspective on what goes in the lunchbox...instead of the rush to throw one together as they are running late.

Now my guys have always been lunch box takers.....we have not been big canteen patrons at all. They both have really been happy with taking thier lunches so who am I to complain?

This year both the Primary school and High school have made the decsion to close thier canteens. I think the number one reason is they are not finacially viable or maybe it was the lack of volunteers to run them.....either way they are closed.
Now this doesnt  affect us at all as we dont do canteen lunches...but Meg came home today with a story....

Some enterprising young men at the high school decided to take matters into their own hands and begin a little pop up lunch supply buisness. Apparently they used live social media to promote there whereabouts on the campus and they were swamped....
Sold out of many items. Even Meg said she thought it was cool and promised to buy a juice box tomorrow if they had them.

I am sure the "powers to be" will intervene but really, kids taking iniattive and moving in where there  is a market is pretty ingenius. They are obviously well priced as they had no problems selling their stock.

Maybe they will rethink the canteen concept and find a way to make it work for the many kids that do rely on it for sustenance. 



  1. That is so cool. Hope they dont get shut down.

  2. Oh that's clever of them!
    We only have canteen once a week & on rare occasions. We don't use it either.

  3. How very ingenious they are... I love it


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