Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Clearing the Jungle

I took advantage of a few hours at home and some cooler weather this afternoon to tackle our Jungle garden.

After giving you a little tour of our special garden I was prompted to venture out and snap some pics of the hidden treasures that lie within.....many of the treasures are original to the garden and I never tire in finding them, sometimes hidden underneath the ever changing growth.
It really is a fun space to work in as our three neighboring fences are completely protected by trees which creates our own little world away from the outside....often the garden is filled with a myriad of birds, bees and sometimes butterflies.

It is a beautiful space but does require a lot of work...although we love the feel of the wildness of it all.....so some more cool weather and I will make some more of the paths clear and keeping bringing to life the nooks and hidden spaces in our "Fairy Garden"


  1. love it! Such fun finding hidden treasures! xxxx

  2. Looks fabulous! No wonder you were inundated with the butterflies in your fairy garden! Love it. I really want a whole bunch of those toadstools too! They are awesome! Lovely work. You did a great job!


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