Sunday, February 14, 2016


You arrived in this our family at a time that was tough....

You just missed meeting your grandma ( she would have loved you to pieces)
You arrived a little time after your big sister had the most life altering event

We were hurting a lot, reeling from the blows of life.....but full of expectancy that you were coming to join our little family.

17 years ago we became a family of four

You were tiny, petite and had the rubiest of red lips

and now here you are.....finishing your last year of school....making plans for the coming next stage....dancing your way so beautifully through life.

You are no push over, are determined, focused and ready for an adventure......

Embrace this year.....take every opportunity that comes and lets see where this all goes...

We love ya heaps.


  1. happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! beautiful words! <3

  2. Congratulations to you & Derek on your daughter's birthday!

  3. Such a sweet little blessing in a time of great trial... Happy Birthday to Meghan xx

  4. Oh such a blessing. You are beautiful, funny , strong and have a beautiful future ahead. Your mum and dad are not the only proud ones. Love ya too beautiful girl xx

  5. Happy Birthday Meg! Hope you had a wonderful day! <3


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