Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This or That ?

Life requires us to be making choices and decisions every day.....

Some days there are more to make than other days...

Some are huge and life changing and some will not make that much of a difference in the big scheme of things

Some decisions need to be made a as family and some need to be made on our own

Some need lots of outward dialogue and some just need to be mulled over in our head space

Some we welcome with open arms and others we dread them coming

Some of the decisions being made in our house right now are...

What colour should the ball gown be?

What would be the best 17th birthday present to ask for?

Should a job that would require a big move be applied for

Which days are good for volunteering?

To head to the pool for that training swim or stay on the couch?

How long to hold off in the day before we succumb to the heat and put on the AC?

Whether to contact someone you haven't seen in a while and take a risk?

Which soccer club would be the right one for our soccer boy?

Where to spend our Sunday mornings?

To take the easy way out or not with dinner?

How much technology time is enough?

What would we do with our home if we moved?

Shall we plan for that Birthday BBQ and hope that it cools down before then?

Who's turn is it to accompany the learner driver?

How much to stress about what tomorrow will bring?

Should I really stay up and watch that reality TV?

Where is the best place to get a good spray tan to go with the ball gown once I choose it?

What is going to go into tomorrows lunch boxes?

What would I have to clear from the schedule tomorrow if I get an early morning work call?

Some of these we have answers for.....others we have no clue.

Not for a very long time have I felt we have so many things to consider.....but maybe that is a good thing...having choices....even if they are hard ones.


  1. I can help you out with number 6 Bron. Succumb!
    Good luck with the others x

  2. that's one heck of a list. Best of luck with all those tricky ones...
    Move here! :-P

  3. Phew... Wow... Lots to ruminate over! Some of those are fun, exciting and stressful for sure! I love the picture! My gram would put our hair up like that to make tight curls in our hair... It's such a great look. I hope that you find that inner peace with each decision made as time walks on xxxxx

  4. so many choices! but you are right: at least we can make those decisions!

  5. That is some list, hoping you find the right answers and they bring you happiness and peace. Thinking of you all as you find your way through this list.xxx


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