Sunday, February 28, 2016

This Week

Thankful this week.....

Our wild seeded pumpkins have produced the early signs of first fruits

Roast lamb dinners cooked an extra delicious way...thanks to my clever master chef.

Awesome performance opportunities for our dancing girl with rave reviews

Finding out the neighbors dog is not all that ferocious after the most inquisitive of our three chooks headed over the fence to say hello

Spending our last work free day together at our favorite eating hangout

Work for us both...after months of time off..the same week we both landed work, a total blessing.

Homemade scones with jam and cream to share with friends 

Eggs arriving regularly now from our little inquisitive brood

Pizza night shared with family

With the now regular help of glasses enjoying some slow time to read

#1200 A smooth transition back into the classroom... 

Well another week ticked was a busy one...readjusting ourselves after many months off to breathe in the space....suddenly we are now all in the kitchen making lunches , eating breakfast and giving instructions to the smallest of us all to lock the door behind him on his way to school....

Thankful list


  1. Oh wow, what great news on the job front. Hope you all settle in to the new routine with ease.

  2. I hope the jobs work out well :)

  3. What a great list... Terrific you both start work at the same time. & things are going well in & around the garden! Thriving all round I'd say!

  4. YaY jobs at the same time what a blessing xx


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