Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A little cultural day

Not wanting our daughter to have all the cultural limelight, we set off towards to culture/arts precinct of Brisbane. I had heard that the Gallery of Modern Art was a place worth visiting. 
So by foot, by ferry, by foot we made the trek. It was a very interesting place and it was lovely to wander slowly throughout the displays. The added bonus was it was cool....a humid day today outside.
From there we headed by foot and ferry to the city for a few essential items on our list. Enjoying coffee stops along the way has also been fun....who knew there were so many different ways to make / drink coffee? Sadly it was after we had just had a coffee break that we discovered that in fact their is a "Bassett" coffee suppler around......on our "to have before we head home" list now. Funny I should say is just a "he" thing! I don't drink coffee at I am enjoying the variety in Hot Chocolate around.

Well it is hump day today and our dancer is having a great week....sore and pretty tired but filling up on all sorts of experiences and loving the variety of great teachers she is exposed too.

Walk total today = 16.5 kms + too many blisters from wearing the wrong shoes.


  1. Looks like a fascinating place. & your own coffee! Woohoo!

  2. Oh no blisters?!!!! not good but sounds like it's worth it xx

  3. GOMA is one of my favourite places to visit I'm so glad that you enjoyed it too. You did well walking all of those kms too:) xx


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