Wednesday, January 13, 2016

An important TOP SECRET converstion

{Beware if you are my  little sister of five little ones ....classified information TOP SECRET}

I had a fun little walk along the beach with two of my nieces and a nephew today while swim lessons were on...

The conversation went like this...with my 9 Year old niece...

"Aunty Bron could I ask you to help me with something?"

"Yes sure Kate what can I do for you?"

"I want to nominate my mum for Mother of the year but I need some help with the information. I have to do it online and I got a bit stuck."

{my heart melted at this stage}

"Oh Kate I would love to help you ...what a very sweet thing to want to do for mum."

"Yes well she has done lots for the five of us so I wanted to do this."

"Well Kate I will have a look online tonight at what we need to do and then I can help you with that OK?"

"That would be good Aunty ..thank you."

Priceless 15 minutes with these beautiful little ones.....the other two 6 and 4 years old were busy running and finding beach treasure.

So I had better go and make good on my promise before tomorrows beach meet up.


  1. Oh thst is the sweetest thing. And yes our baby sister does deserve to be mother of the year!!!!

  2. awwww... nice... best of luck for the nominee..

  3. What a beautiful sweet heart she is... Yes that is a heart melting conversation and so adorable! What a thoughtful little angel xx


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