Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Crew

Meet our new crew of chicks......

After retiring the last two, we have now recruited our new brood of egg laying beauties.

The first lot of chickens we had were Hy-line's. They were awesome at producing good size eggs. The second lot we had were Isa Brown's, although good in my opinion they were a little meaner.

So we decided to make a longer trek this time to collect these beauties...Hy-Line's.

and to make sure they settled in nicely we did a git of go pro spy camera work...fascinating little things.


  1. oh how exciting. Hope they settle in well.

  2. You guys are funny. Looking at chicken antics!!!!

  3. Hahaha when we were troubleshooting one of our chickens health problems we often wished we had chicken cam! We had 3 hylines but had to put one down about a month ago. We got 3 new additions; a white leghorn, a buff sussex and a hyline X barnevelder. They haven't started laying yet but they won't be as good as the hylines. I must admit that the hylines are more friendly (and much easier to catch), so we only let those ones free range for now.

  4. I love having chickens. I hope yours settle in well and feed you well 😊

  5. I would love to have some chicks but not ready for the work involved lol. Love the go pro idea x


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