Thursday, January 21, 2016


The challenge was issued.......luckily to her dad and not to me!

He can go head to head with her on most physical things......but when it comes to stretches......she is far more flexible ....and she had too much  fun this afternoon with too much bravado from another excellent adventure day in dance.

Me....I am starting to feel the effects from all the fresh air walking we are doing in this city of Brisbane and was no way going to manage any kind of stretching.

Walk total today = 16.9kms


  1. Go D you took it for the tean. Another 16+ km. You are going to so super fit!!!!

  2. How fun... Love the smile on their faces xx

  3. Hahaha He did pretty well and I love all the photos that you captured of the two of them. xxx


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