Thursday, January 28, 2016

Time to give back

I have this theory that in every one of us we have a space that can only be fulfilled by extra of ourselves to benefit others....

Well OK I know this is true for myself anyway. Over my lifetime I have always volunteered in some way...mostly through my local church. I have helped with community events,in the nursery, joined a team to help those who are less fortunate, put my hand up to just about try anything.

Up until just recently I have always found something or someone who is desperate for extra hands...We have had a shift in that part of our life and even in the short few weeks of this change I am missing exercising my "volunteering muscle".

That is until I discovered a new little shop open not far from home.....
The "Wishing you Well Store".    
Today I headed down and have offered my services for a bit of time each week. This is two fold for me....getting that "volunteering muscle" working and giving back to a charity that we so generously benefited from back in 2002.*

Make a Wish granted our Taylor a wish.....her fairy garden.....After all this time I think the timing is perfect for me to reconnect with some of those lovely people and also give a little back to volunteer in this new venture of theirs.

So it is win for them...and win for me...although my love for op shopping could land me in trouble as I headed home with a few treasures today.

Do you exercise your "Volunteer muscle" anywhere 

*{I really must show you the wish we were was so fantastic for our Taylor}


  1. So awesome. Keep an eye out for a bargain for me 😜

  2. oh that's terrific! What a great idea. Good luck in your new volunteer work. & yes, I would love to see Taylor's wish that was granted. We don't have make a wish op shops here.

  3. Yes! If you don't exercise that volunteer muscle it will nag at you until you do lol I am so happy that you found the perfect place to do that. Sometimes op shop treasures are too fun to pass up xx


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