Sunday, January 3, 2016

52/52....and some

Him: Getting him out and enjoying the beautiful beaches with his dad.

and   beach fun is always much more fun with company


 Her:  Somehow the tall genes passed by our Meg...she sits right between these cousins in age.

and  She has a million photo faces.....hardly any of them are serious ones.

and for good measure...


{I think that will be the last of my 52 pics of the has been harder and harder to capture them. I have loved capturing their growing up in this formal way....I aim to still record them here just wont be in a week to week way.}



  1. It truly has been fun watching them and the fun things they get to do... And especially Watching them grow from small children to young adults xxxx

  2. Beautiful family picture! The others are good too!

  3. Oh yes i have plenty of non serious pics of that beautiful girl of yours!!!


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