Wednesday, January 27, 2016

School Ready

It's time to become school ready for us.  School returns next Monday.

With that in mind I thought I should at least have a look at what the kids need.....they are not the only ones in denial about returning to school!

Luckily not too much more than what is tucked away in the stationary overflow cupboard....if you have been a school family for more than a couple of years you probably have the overflow of school supplies that builds each year too.

But  a new pencil case was required. So I set off to Spotlight with the boy to choose his own material.

They are really simple to put's a tutorial if you need one 

15 minutes at my sewing machine and all done.

So now we are a little more school ready for next week......Now just to get our heads around the idea.


  1. I know- I only have one left at school & I've been asking him all week what he needs but he's yet to get back to me- I'm trying to make it his responsibility but his first day is tomorrow!
    I think today is the day to start nagging!

  2. Terrific work on the pencil case! Great fabric choice & definitely one of a kind. Love it. I had a thought on that line myself. But am still in denial with you. lol

  3. That is so fantastic! I love that material


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