Monday, January 25, 2016

Summer rains

It is still hot!

But the heavens broke today and we were doused in a heavy shower of rain.

Didn't cool the day down but the gardens almost groaned with delight at the drenching it received...

 Now the night skies are filled with lightening.

Oh Summer.


  1. Rain can bring such relief on a hot day! Love the last image! Hope it cools down soon... Our last few days have been v mild...

  2. Was such a lovely shower... although such a humid day!! I'd be no good living somewhere like Queensland... I felt zapped of energy all day yesterday! x

  3. Very pretty rain droplets on your plants- I bet the loved it. I hope it cool down for you soon

  4. can't wait till it rains here. Better the plants were smiling.

  5. I LOVE the rain! I am a pluviophile! Beautiful pictures of the rain drops on the pretty plants


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