Monday, January 11, 2016

Beach Lessons

Every year at this time we enrol in vacation swimming lessons...only we usually do them at the local aquatic centre.
This year though we are at the beach......
After our very hot last week it was particularly overcast and grey today...not too cool though.
My boy is none to excited about the beach lessons.....and when on arrival was made to wear the snazzy cap it sealed the unhappy mindset.

I think there will be lots to learn from the beach lessons....funny cause he loves heading to the beach and wave swimming with his dad...just not the place he wants to do lessons...even if he is in the same class with 3 of his cousins!! {poor swim instructor}
So we have two whole weeks ahead of us in which I do hope he quickly decides it could be fun after all......

...and it is nice time to sit with my sisters and chat while they swim. 


  1. So cute! I wonder why they have to wear caps in the sea... It's wonderful that you get to spend time with your sisters, I love spending time with mine. Have a great week xxxx

  2. I hope he comes to enjoy his swimming lessons at the beach, nice for you to get to hang out with your sisters. xxx

  3. It's great that they do it in the sea as well. Lots of lessons to learn in the sea that you can't do in pool. Quite different to swim there. Good experience.


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