Friday, January 15, 2016

Retirement Day

We have two chickens that have faithfully given us a nice return of eggs over the last couple of years.....up until now.
We really like the relationship we have with them.....they eat all our scraps, manure our garden beds and then we in return reap the egg collect.

So when they tell us it is time to end the not returning eggs we know it is time to retire them.

Now we have had to in the past, end their little life, sadly but this time these two lovelies scored big time.

A friend offered to let them see out their days in her bigger coop and find new mates among her brood including one big old rooster.

So today was retirement day.....and I must say we were mightily impressed with their new much so that we could see ourselves retiring in this little patch of paradise...the bigger property not just the coop!

I have just received a text to let us know they are all asleep and although didn't find their way to the roost tonight, fared pretty well in their new home.
Maybe they will love retirement so much that it will cause some spontaneous egg laying as thank you for greener pastures.

Oh and here is a cleaver strawberry planter that our friends rigged up...I can see something similar popping up around her in the future.

#1153 Thankful List......retirement home for our chickens.


  1. Love the planter! Happy days for your chickens!

  2. awww... bitter sweet to say bye to the chickens... Looks like a great retirement village though.
    Fabulous idea for a strawberry patch!

  3. How wonderful! and look at that strawberry planter... WOW! I love it

  4. The Bassett retirement scheme is much nicer than the Gibbons' one! Xxx


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