Saturday, January 30, 2016

That Wish....

Back in May 2002 we had a magical experience.
The Make a Wish Foundation granted our Taylor ( who was then 6 years old and had already been through 4 years of a hard journey) her wish.

It was a very long time in the deciding ( 2 years ). It had to be her idea and anything at all  that she was a long time before we could get her to think beyond colouring pencils!
Travel wasn't really an option for Taylor and it would have been over in a whirlwind....we wanted something that she could share and have for a very long time.

When we finally did decide, we had chosen something that hadn't been done before and had to be discussed carefully. We had spent a lot of time at The Prince of Wales hospital in Sydney and they had a beautiful fairy garden in the centre of the hospital. It was a beautiful place to hang out with the girls and was the inspiration for our wish.

So once the team at The Make a Wish heard the idea they were very excited and ran with it.

Our very own Fairy Garden at home. 

So the team bought in a landscaping "A team" who just went to town on our whole yard!

We had to sign off on the design which I did with my eyes half closed so that it was a surprise for us all. 
It took three full days  and a big team of very buff landscapers who were seen some days to  be wearing fairy wings while they worked.

We moved out on day two and returned when it was done. 
On the late afternoon of the third day we came home and a party had been organised. All the girls in Taylor's class along with family were invited....Ronald McDonald made an appearance and bought dinner and our local Wendy's provided ice cream cake .The fairy shop provided beautiful dresses for both the girls.

It really was a very special time and gift for us as a family. Taylor spent weeks showing visitors around her new garden.

My most favourite was a total surprise reveal for her and she didn't hide her excitement...such a great response for The Make a Wish team to see.

The finished garden as it was in 2002.....

The weeping Mulberry then....

Our beautiful Fairy Garden as it is today........

The weeping Mulberry now.....

We were totally spoilt with the decision for the Foundation to gran this wish....Taylor enjoyed that garden for the next 2 1/2 years and we have continued to enjoy and share it with many friends over the last 11 years without her.

So again it is really special now to have the time and opportunity to give a little back in a very small way  to 
The Make a Wish Foundation.


  1. Such a beautiful time. For such a beautiful girl.

  2. Oh Bron, this brought a big lump to my throat + a tear to my eye. What a beautiful wish and how special that it has only grown more beautiful over the years. X

  3. What a beatiful gift for a gorgeous girl. I just love the expressions on her face!

  4. ahhh... your big garden makes sense now. All those beautiful big trees... the mulberry is a beauty. What a terrific wish that just keeps on giving. No wonder it took so long to decide on. I love her expression. Such joy. Bless you guys & your beautiful garden & your beaut gift...

  5. So precious and enduring memory of someone so very special to you xxx

  6. The Joy on Taylor's face is evident and so very sweet to see. Such joy she experienced that day and for days to follow is priceless. Such a great organization dedicated to helping make wishes come true. Thank you for sharing these pictures it made my heart smile today xxxx


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